I’m a cultural anthropologist at the University of Helsinki, Finland. I work as a postdoctoral researcher at the new Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies (URBARIA). Currently I’m studying urban digitalization; to be more specific, I’m especially interested in digital inequalities in cities, and ways to decrease them.

My professional background is colored by interdisciplinarity. For over ten years, I have been conducting interdisciplinary research on urban environments and on emerging and new technology with computer scientists, HCI researchers, architects and interaction designers. I’m also familiar with transdisciplinarity, referring here to collaborative knowledge production with non-academic partners. I have worked within diverse fieldwork settings and participated in planning several design related empirical studies.

In general, my main focus areas are design and use of new digital technologies in urban contexts, and broader societal impact of these technologies. Methodologically, I’m well versed in ethnography and conventional qualitative methods of social science, but also in participatory approaches to design and creative and speculative methods. I’m driven by the firm belief that ethnography and anthropology provide perspectives which can help us to create more sustainable, versatile and socially inclusive (urban) futures. Furthermore, I find it important to  investigate how critically oriented anthropological thinking – with its capability to challenge normative structures and self-evident “truths” – can be successfully combined with design research.